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Compatibility tests, pre-requisites, audit and implementation.

Deploy a complete project in two days.

Onboarding is 9 questions to identify your needs and test for software compatibility.
Setting up an Omny test in 4 steps :
  • J-0: You tell us your hardware and software needs via onboarding.
  • D-1: We test the software compatibility and adjust the type of position for a smooth experience.
  • D-2: You receive your login credentials to start the Omny VDI and Virtual Desktop experience on your existing hardware.
  • If the trial is successful, we will provide you with the omnyPods you need and the Cloud router for a connection of the stations to your Active Directory.
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All your software suites.

Omny Virtual Desktops are designed to run all your Windows applications. Need computing power when you need it? Increase real-time desktop provisioning with Dev, Power and Enterprise licenses.

Recycle your existing infrastructure.

Say goodbye to programmed obsolescence and extend the life of your equipment for another 5 years! Use your old computers as support for connecting to Omny.
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Standard wi-fi throughput
Our communication protocol optimizes the user experience from 1Mb/s throughput.
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Any connecting device
Install the Omny Launcher on an old Windows PC to access the power of the Cloud
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End of programmed obsolescence
The lifetime of an omnyPod is 7 years, that of your old equipment can be extended by 5 years.
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All our VDI, Cloud Computing, and appliance services.
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