Teleworking and flex-office

Teleworking is becoming the norm. Manage it without risk to your infrastructure.

1 out of 2 companies did not properly secure the teleworking*.

The ability to work remotely without risk to the IT system has become a decisive factor for productivity. 
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, full access to the work environment from the employee's home is essential.
  • Traditional solutions embedding laptop (or BYOD), VPN and broadband drive are often costly and risky.
  • Only 25% of French SMEs can offer full mobility with session, network and secure access to their employees.
*Review42, 2020
Touch tablet and smartphone with Omny Cloud

Improve productivity with secure BYOD.

85%*of employees say they are more productive if they have the opportunity to work remotely, do home office work and choose their devices. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) brings this mobility without the risk of infrastructure contamination thanks to Omny.
*Kronos Cabin
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Give users secure access to their workstation and the corporate network, anywhere.


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