Use cases

Centralized management, telecommuting, flex-office, cybersecurity, computing power... Omny Cloud use cases.
Use Case 1

Teleworking and flex-office

Windows applications, computing power, sessions, shared drives and private networks can be accessed remotely via an encrypted protocol from any device. 
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Use Case 2

Centralized management

Deployment of desktops with predefined image, provisioning, addition of graphics cards, software installations... all desktop administration at the click of a button.
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Use Case 3


Protect your fleet from ransomware attacks with systematic backups, ISO 27001 hosting, no data on client devices and Shadow IT control.
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Use case 4

Graphics power

Run any application on the omnyPod, an old recycled device or a tablet with high performance Cloud Desktops with 100% dedicated graphics cards. 
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