Optimization of the IT budget

Virtualize your desktops to manage them from one console and reduce the total IT budget.
Centralized Administration

Free up time to innovate.

80% of the activities of the IT teams are dedicated to operations* . That's too much.
By centralizing the management of workstations in a single console, we significantly reduce maintenance activities.
  • All the advantages of VDI in a 100% modular structure
  • Simplified management with a complete integration to your infrastructure (connection to an Active Directory, to the local network...)
  • Remote PC creation, usage monitoring and management
Maintenance and renewal of equipment - 95
Troubleshooting, access management - 80%.
OS Deployment and Migration - 75%off
Saving time
Windows or Linux workstation
Deployment of a station < 5 minutes
Payment per number of items used
Simplified management and automation
Installation, thin client and support included
Secure mobility with VPN access
Centralized Administration
No initial investment
Scalability and GPU on Demand
Automatic Cloud Back-ups
Remote device control
VDI as a Service

The right choice to relieve ISD.

What's the difference between a PC, a standard VDI solution and Omny Cloud?
We look to small and medium sized organizations to ensure a scalable, easy to implement and affordableoffering.
  • No hidden costs, no upfront investment, no commitment
  • Omny Cloud API to automate the deployment and lifecycle of virtual desktops

Control your total IT costs.

The TCO* evaluates the total cost of ownership of an infrastructure, integrating the direct costs of the equipment and the indirect costs of its maintenance. Cloud Desktops reduce downtime, costs related to the management and renewal of devices, and their consumption.
  • Real-time tracking tool to understand and optimize your costs
  • Direct savings from virtualization (80% less power consumption, longer lifetime, etc.)
  • Reduced deployment and administration time
*Total Cost of Ownership
Average annual TCO - PC
Average annual TCO - VDI
Average annual TCO - Omny                                   
Indirect costs (maintenance, downtime, support)
Access point (computer or thin client)
Licenses (Windows, Windows Server, SQL...)
Data centers (storage, servers, management)
Omny license (Pro, 1 year commitment)
NEC Study
Programmed obsolescence icon
No more programmed obsolescence
Our servers are custom-designed for controlled lifecycle, replacement and recycling.
Device breakage icon
No more lost, broken or stolen equipment
The workstations are protected in highly secure data centres, and can be locked remotely.
PRA Icon
Immediate resumption of activity in the event of an incident
No more wasting time in the event of an incident. Full redundancy of all Omny Cloud Desktops allows for rapid disaster recovery.
Administration Console

Gain in reactivity with Omny Cloud.

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