Why is it never really "the year of the VDI"?

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That's why we're different, and what that changes for you.

Omny Cloud is a VDI solution that changes things. It is a desire to innovate in virtualization, monopolized by a few large overseas publishers.

We have developed a sovereign solution, based on open source bricks that demonstrate authority to provide an optimal service for all sizes of business, on the borderline between DaaS and VDI.

"VDI-as-a-Service", with a tailor-made infrastructure.

"Build your virtualized infrastructure on-demand, in the Cloud or in hybrid mode, and ensure the best user experience with minimal management.

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Forget what you know about management costs, a high TCO or a bad user experience with VDI. Omny replaces complexity with well thought-out automation, satisfies users with an ergonomic thin client, and boosts your return on investment through the Cloud.

We offer an alternative to the giants because there are too many disappointments in desktop virtualization projects. Internally and externally we have noticed a frequent questioning of VDI.

Large initial investments, compatibility problems (antivirus, CAD, simulators, ERP...), latency or time-consuming management often complete the return on investment.

"1 out of 2 companies does not have sufficient in-house skills for an appropriate deployment of VDI".
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Why is it never really "the year of VDI"?

Because there is a lack of "click and go" alternatives to large publishers, offerings born with the flexibility of the Cloud and new storage technologies that can reach all structures and not just large enterprises.

We are entering an era where the ability to deliver a mobile, scalable experience without sacrificing the performance of virtual desktops or data security is becoming increasingly important. We need to deploy sustainable solutions, put an end to scheduled hardware obsolescence and be more responsible in our power consumption.

It is for all these reasons, and to meet the European need for digital sovereignty, that we have developed a new virtualization solution and the Omny Cloud service.

Secure workstations in the Cloud, a flexible subscription, a tailor-made thin client, extreme fluidity, automated administration, simple integration into the infrastructure...

We are changing virtualization to optimize IT.

When an IT services company with around 50 employees delegated the management of its virtualized fleet to a trainee, we were successful.

Omny makes it possible to deploy a virtual infrastructure in the Cloud in a few minutes, and to manage images, access rights and networks very easily. It offers more time to innovate, more resources to invest, and more freedom to work.

So why don't we run a test?

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Test Omny
You tell us what software you use, we prepare it, you test it, anywhere.
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