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We deploy high-performance virtual desktops in a trusted environment. 
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High performance (GPU) and sovereign
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Backups, redundancy and private networks
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Cloud Desktop

Gain responsiveness and secure remote working.

Cloud Desktops are virtual desktops that can be accessed from any remote device and managed from a simple web console. It is the ideal solution to gain IT agility and secure teleworking.
Devices with Omny Cloud
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You tell us what software you use, we prepare it, you test it, anywhere.
Customized deployment

Create your Cloud Desktops in just a few clicks.

Register on the Omny platform, define your desktop models, and deploy them at a French and certified (ISO 27001) Cloud hosting provider.

"We have selected OVHcloud's high availability hosting for our thin computers and Omny's high performance hosting for our graphics workstations. The experience and management is seamless from the console!"

-Alexandre Tieri, CEO , Acquity Software

Devices with Omny
100% dedicated infrastructure

Access your data and software anywhere.

Use MacOS, Windows, Linux or Android applications to access your virtual desktop, with the computing power you need, 100% of the time. 

"Android optimization allows us to use Omny desktops from a tablet or lapdock. We can build a mobile-only culture that works!"

-Yanis Anteur, CEO, Miraxess

High Performance Computing

Take advantage of the very high performance.

Omny Cloud is specialized in High Performance and graphics machines (dedicated GPUs).

GPU Workstations, built for 3D :

AMD Vega RX 64

100% Dedicated Graphic Card

4 to 16 vCPU @ 3.3GHz

4 cores, 8 threads

16 to 32 GB RAM

To support your most demanding applications

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